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Airsoft Action Army AAP-01 Charging Knob STL File

A lot of research and testing went into finding the linked items displayed in this article. They are meant to be used as a guide. We suggest shopping around and see if you can find something cheaper/better of the same specifications. If you find something better please let us know in the comment section!

HomeGrown 3D is proud to present The Creator FS-22 6mm Airsoft kit!

Change the game of Airsoft. Be the best. Push the limit. Max out your stats.

The Creator FS-22 6mm is modeled and built on the airsoft toy Action Army AAP01. It’s a fully editable 3D printed STL file kit that turns your airsoft Action Army AAP-01 toy gun into a paintball marker style HPA speedsoft blaster. It mounts the High Pressure Air System (HPA) on the bottom of the grip frame for a real paintball look and feel, with the regulator on the front grip for snap shooting ergonomics.

The Creator FS-22 6mm Airsoft toy, built off of an Action Army AAP01. One of the many possible configurations.
The Creator AAP01 short barrel loudner hunter colors
The Creator Kit with short barrel loudner and front hand grip.

We are releasing the STL files one piece at a time, along side STL files from our TAC-01 3D Printer. The first part we are introducing are the charging knobs, aka charging handles, or cocking handles.

The charging knob handle mounts onto the back block of the Action Army AAP-01 and makes it a lot easier to grab.  To prime the Action Army AAP-01; pulling on the back block loads a bb and cocks the hammer.

There are a few other items like our Charging Knob out there, but we think ours is superior and unlike what’s currently available on the market. Its low profile and ergonomic. It allows for easy aiming down the side of the barrel while snap shooting. The knurl makes it easy to grab when you are full of adrenaline and it gets you back in the game with speed when reloading or clearing a jam.

The advantages of 3D printing allows you to lower the infill and amount of walls, making the charging knob light weight, reducing reciprocating mass compared to metal counterparts. We also have a variant you can print in TPU with a hard plastic insert, for a soft and grippy feel.

Get the Files!

Download the AAP-01 Charging Knob STL Files at Printables, or find the editable files on Tinkercad.



Keep reading for information, parts, and materials to make the designs.

We use m5 x 8mm screws with these.

aap01 charge knob screws m5 x 8mm
M5 x 8mm screws with a black oxide finish. These are our preferred screws for the charge knob but they are prone to rust.
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M5 x 8mm stainless steel screws. These are the same as the other screws but silver and not prone to rust.
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This upgrade print is recommended for PLA+, PETG, TPU, ASA, ABS, and Reinforced Nylons. Thicknesses are all for PETG minimums. Most other materials can handle thinner. The Nylons are extra nice because you can print them very light, with minimal infill and wall settings. We personally prefer the Nylon 6 with Glass Fibers from Polymaker. We are creating our own in house line for the AAP-01 known as The Destroyer. The Destroyer specifically features PA6GF from polymaker! Along with several other select materials.
Our preferred material, Polymakers PA6GF, combines durability, stiffness, and cost effectiveness (it’s still expensive but cheap for reinforced nylons). It is not the easiest to print.
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Sainsmart 95A TPU is our preferred TPU for their consistent product and wide variety of color offerings.
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The Action Army AAP-01 is a revolutionary piece of airsoft kit and everyone should have one. Especially paintballers looking to try airsoft. Full auto/semi auto select, 350 fps or higher, HPA ready with minimal modifications, all for under $100, this airsoft toy gun is changing the game. The blowback and mechanical full auto is dang fun to shoot, especially compared to all those repetitive and boring space guns out there. The paintball equivalent would be the autococker, opposed to the HPA’d m4s comparable to spaces guns.
The Action Army AAP-01. Make sure you buy from a US distributor to get the free rail kit. (Warning: Amazon may not be the cheapest place to purchase an AAP-01)
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We found the grip on the on the AAP-01 was a little course and awkward, but this Hogue grip sleeve made it feel amazing. Highly recommend.
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