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Shocker SFT Paintball Art, Trophies, Key Chains, Ornaments STL Files

A lot of research and testing went into finding the linked items displayed in this article. They are meant to be used as a guide. We suggest shopping around and see if you can find something cheaper/better of the same specifications. If you find something better please let us know in the comment section!

Introducing Homegrown3D’s representation of the paintball gun that was way before its time and part of a legacy of markers that changed everything in paintball: the Smart Parts Shocker SFT.

Need a gift for your favorite paintball enthusiast or perhaps a new design for your paintball print farm? We made this easy to 3D print Shocker SFT artwork and adapted it into 4 different uses: key chains, desk and shelf art, Christmas ornaments/hangers, and trophies.

This 3D print paintball artwork was created using SVG outlines, and designed with ease of FDM (fused depostion modeling) 3D printing in mind. Created from an outline of a SFT Shocker, broken into layers and combined, then embossed and debossed from each other, along with 3D shapes.

This is FDM optimized, meaning: quick to print, no supports needed, minimal material used, and great for print farming multiple at a time quickly, easily, and cheaply.

Note the detail of the logos on both sides of the main body. When you print the design make sure you look at the logo design in your slicer preview to find the minimum scale for your nozzle size.

The Shocker SFT file can be adapted into 4 different uses: key chains, art, Christmas ornaments/hangers, trophies, as well as desk and shelf display art.

Get the Files!

Download the Shocker SFT Artwork STL Files at Printables, or find the editable files on Tinkercad.



Keep reading for information on parts, materials, and tools to make the designs.

Key Chains

A variety of TPU Key chains

Key chains have a loop for your key rings. Use either basic key rings or lobster clasps, bronze chains, jump rings, and a jump ring tool for a real high end look. Printing these in Sainsmart 92A TPU (currently out of stock of any good colors, affiliate link) gets a real nice gummy feeling and relatively easy to print at faster speeds in this basic shape. 

I’ve set up these nice bronze clasps for a higher end upgrade for my key chains. See below for links.
Standard silver key rings without chains! Get them in 100 or 200 packs!
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases

bronze jump ring and key chain ring
Bronze key rings with chains and jump rings. At time of writing the bronzed chains are out of stock, silver color only. Looking on amazon there are several other bronze color options.
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases
Nice quality “lobster” clasps with swivel.
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases
This jump ring tool makes closing the loops so much easier! It’s essential if you want to do a lot of these. Should be helpful for other jewelry and fashion related items in the future too.
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases

Desk/Shelf Art 

The shocker art printed in wood fill PLA with a quick sand and a polyfill stain!

Displays the art on a stand. Printed in woodfill PLA, sanded and stained with a Polyurethane stain looks great! With our assortment of coming designs, there will be a nice collection of these for desks and displays. They are a great accent and table topper for product displays.
Our preferred Wood infused PLA. You can stain this and even sand it. We recommend a Polyurethane stain. Make sure you have a hardened nozzle for printing abrasives.
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases
Coming soon! Our very own line of super hardened steel nozzles for printing abrasives like wood fill pla! Stay Tuned!

Christmas Ornaments and Hangers

Bring paintball into the holidays! 3D printed Paintball Christmas ornaments are great sellers, make a great gift, and are a great reminder for the rest of the family of what kind of gifts to give you.
This Sky Blue matches the original light blue colored shockers!
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases
This Sapphire Blue Silk PLA matches well with early dark blue shocker colors.
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases
Ornament hanger hooks variety pack to match colors. Silver and gold options also available.
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Trophies pictured are the LV1 paintball marker version, coming soon.

There are two sizes of trophy bases on which you can use the shockers for the topper. Customize the text in Tinkercad.
Overture Gold PETG does a good job for trophies. One of the better looking PETG’s we have found and the only shiny Gold PETG we have found.
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases
Silk PLA filament for trophies. This is sometimes picky to print, but it’s some of the best and most consistent Silk PLA we’ve had (print at 220C temp)
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Want More?!

Check out our 3D Print Autococker Artwork and check in for our LV1 Artwork coming soon!

3D Printable Autococker Paintball Artwork

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