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This section of HomeGrown 3D is an informal blog written in prose.

When Your 3D Printer Goes Down, Blame me

When my 3d printer goes down, I’m the stupid one.
When I fix my printer, the community helped me.
When I print my files, they need to be better.
When I print other people’s files, I wonder W.T.F. anyone is even doing, and why is hobby 3d printing even a thing?!

I am always trying to do my stuff to perfection.

The enemy of Good is Perfect.

Let’s see if I can do some good.

I hope to help you keep your 3d printer up and running.
I hope to make it easy to diagnose and repair.
I want to offer the easiest and coolest stl files to 3d print ever!
No more printing useless and hard to print knickknacks!
Cool FDM optimized functional art! Let’s go!! I am addicted to pushing tech forward. Let’s see what this technology is really capable of!

How to get more 3d printing content out there quickly?

I have hit a bit of a wall that I now hope to scale. Will see if I can overcome it.
Honestly it’s been a problem since the start:
How to put real high quality content out in a consistent and time efficient manner?

I’ve been going back and forth with some friends on how to speed up my publishing time. I have a big backlog of projects and files for which I want to share and offer support.

I am making articles, blog posts, printables listings, newsletters, website, webstore, reviews, how to guides, on and on.

Each article I write I take to my editor. Once we discuss and revise it, I format it for the website, fill it full of links, and take pictures. I then make a printable’s listing and write out a guide and description on printables.

That’s all not to mention making sure the file I am releasing is thoroughly proofed and the Tinkercad organized for sharing! Oh yea, and high quality renders of the file!

I really want to do some YouTube videos and PDF product manuals as well but I’m always so strapped for time!

publishing time and lens

I realized the true medium I want to perfect is the 3d printing experience. The blog, youtube channel, pdf guides, whatever, are ultimately irrelevant, compared to you watching your printer sling plastic. That is the true show. If I can deliver the best 3d printing experience, that’s what is going to be best for you and best for me and best for everybody.

Before I was writing my stuff in the lens of how do I teach a beginner that knows nothing at all about this stuff. I probably fell a bit short of that but it was still my lens. It’s hard to teach beginners. I am still going to try.

I’ve felt the burn the whole time since I started HomeGrown 3D well over a year ago. Always feeling too slow with publishing files and content.

A.I. 3D printing?!

Watching the rise of AI driven content, I felt jealous and also wanted to automate and speed up my processes. Will see if I can figure it out! I got so much stuff I want to put out there! Also don’t worry, AI can’t write these posts how I want… yet!

If you have ideas on how to improve my work flow or embrace AI, please leave them in the comments!

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