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Paintball 13ci and 15ci Tank Cover Butt Stocks

A lot of research and testing went into finding the linked items displayed in this article. They are meant to be used as a guide. I suggest shopping around and see if you can find something cheaper/better of the same specifications. If you find something better please leave a comment in the comment section!

13ci and 15ci Tank Covers

What do Tennis Balls, Plasti Dip, Beer Cozies, Hockey Tape, and Bike Tire Tubes all have in common? They all have been used as tank covers and butt stocks on small paintball tanks for stock class and magfed paintball!

If your paintball tank slides off your shoulder, you aren’t going to be as accurate as if you had the tank stabilized. Options for tank grips are limited for small 13ci and 15ci tanks.

My solution is a 3d printed tank cover butt stock printed in TPU material! TPU is flexible and rubber like. It allows for a real snug and flexible fit on the tank, and gives the tank cover squish and extra grip. Currently available for sale or free download in 13ci and 15ci versions. I hope to release more sizes in the future for 26ci tanks and the variety of First Strike tanks.

Custom Paintball Gear

These tank cover designs are easy to customize and we are starting with 3 iterations: a small version, a longer version with extra grip on the sides, and the most epic of all, a 10-round-tube holding version (that holds eight tubes.)

The tank butts provide surface area and grip for shouldering and offer some protection for your tank as well. Since I released the Tinkercad files, it should be easy to adjust for any desires.

Stock Class Paintball

Though not original stock class rules, the tank tube butt is glorious for all modified stock class usage.

Picture from

The tube butt holds 8x ten-round-tubes! Capless version coming soon. The tube butt is one of those things that makes paintball gear really fun just on its own, and so much more fun to use and play with on the field.

This autococker is not set up for stock class, but it makes for a pretty paintball fashion model to rep our thick tube butt.
Imagine the possibilities!

Buy the Tank Butts

Purchase your favorite version from the Print Farm HG3D.ORG! Currently available to fit 13ci and 15ci tanks.

Buy the Standard Size Tank Cover Butt

Buy the Longer Extra Grip Size Tank Cover Butt

Buy the Tube Butt Tank Cover

Get the STL Files

The files are free! They can be edited on Tinkercad for different patterns and can be customized for your particular needs. Also available for ready download on Printables for your convenience.

Download the Tank Cover Butt STL Files on Printables!

Edit the Tank Cover Butt Designs on Tinkercad!

Keep reading for print suggestions and information on the upcoming MagFed + interview and gear release.

Print Suggestions

I recommend printing 95A TPU with two (2) walls and 10% cubic infill. 

Two (2) bottom layers and three (3) top layers.

The idea is to keep it looking good and solid while being as squishy and minimal as possible! If you print these with different settings or a different material please leave details in the comment section!
I have started using this 95A TPU from Novamaker and enjoying it so far!
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases

Upcoming Magfed + Interview

These tank cover butts are the first release as part of a Magfed + gear package. I have Tube Feeds, Stock Class Feeds, Tipx Mag adapters for feednecks, Tipx Magazine and Tubefed Emek bodies, MG100/EMF100 bodies, and GOG Enmey Magfed and Tubefed Bodies all coming soon!

I am working on an interview with Eli Booth, the owner of Big Bang Paintball. Eli is the creator of the Magfed + gametype. We will get into how he got into paintball, what he is doing with paintball now, and what is Magfed +?

Magfed+ is basically a version of modified stock class. Magfed + is set up to allow all types of paintball guns, from electronic to magfed and everything in between. The catch is they all must be fed by 10 round tubes or magazines. No regulations on horizontal feeds or anything. Instead the format places limitations on gear that eliminates the pay-to-win dynamic. This equalizes the playing field where skills may triumph, and makes for dynamic and fun accessible game play for beginners and pros alike.

Our Magfed + set up of choice

I absolutely love paintball game types that focus on limited paint. Having less paintballs per player makes the game much more friendly on the environment, your wallet, and beginners! Less paint usage is much better on field maintenance. It entails much less in shipping costs. It’s much cheaper to play. It fosters dynamic play for skilled players. Finally less paintballs in the air is less intimidating for new players! 

Since I love this style of gameplay so much, I have a bunch of relevant stock class, tube fed, and magfed paintball designs. It became imperative to interview Eli and get to the bottom of his new game type!

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