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The Home Grown 3D Print Rebellion!

This section of HomeGrown 3D is informal and written in prose.

We are in a world where we don’t need to consume or dispose of any more trinkets. Man made materials now outweigh all life on Earth. Plastics double all animal life on Earth. I hate 3D printing on some fundamental levels. I also find it quite empowering, satisfying, and even fun at times.

There is too much man made stuff out there, and too much waste. Microplastics everywhere. There is a giant plastic island in the ocean, on track to where there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish in the sea. The trend of printing little plastic boats is kind of ironic right? Is that preparation like Noah’s Ark for the end times?

I’ve made a lot of little useless plastic boats on my TAC-01 3D Printer. I organize and store them by material type for future recycling so I can feel good about myself.

If you are really paranoid about the end times you can even “print a gun” and violently inject the earth and other living things with morsels of lead. They say microplastics are the new lead poisoning. I say why not both?

All not to mention unregulated materials giving off fumes, happily inhaled by blind consumer lust. I pray 3D printing people-myself included-don’t all die early deaths of “the plastic lung.”

But 3D printing can be so much more. 3D printing turned me, a burn out with a liberal arts degree, living in my parent’s granny flat, attempting a career change in the wake of political sabotage and multiple abusive relationships, into a successful inventor on the cutting edge of technology.

3D printing can offer a means for work so you can eat food, and maybe even work at home and stay with your kids and raise them the way my parents never could. Put an end to generational traumas passed along in the form of neglect. 3D printing can help provide the nourishment your inner child never got, in so many different ways.

3D printing fosters technical, mechanical, and engineering skills in North American societies that have gutted all shop classes and disposed of craft and skilled labor. 3D printing refurbishes old machines designed for planned obsolescence by industries that thrive on consumption yet put no value on the waste that they lay. 3D printing is slowly becoming a means for real recycling (not the fake recycling we have in the US). People 3D print prosthetics and life saving creations at cost of materials, where they otherwise would suffer and/or die if they can’t pay inflated market prices.

3D printing is the problem, and the solution.

Buy this sweatshop made machine, feed it strip mined and heavily processed ore, and 3D print this tiny boat as fast as you can! And then throw it in the trash!

I am the problem, but within the problem, lies the solution. The No Thing at the root of Everything. Less is more. Slow is fast. 3D printing is the solution, especially when it is Home Grown.

See the meme, be the meme. 3D print your own 3D printer. You can dooo itttt! I believe in you.

Join the HomeGrown 3D Print Rebellion Today.

The seed of rebellion has been planted, now go drink some water.

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