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Airsoft Action Army AAP-01 Barrel Strengthening Insert STL File

A lot of research and testing went into finding the linked items displayed in this article. They are meant to be used as a guide. We suggest shopping around and see if you can find something cheaper/better of the same specifications. If you find something better please let us know in the comment section!

HomeGrown 3D is proud to present the second installment of the Creator FS-22 6mm Airsoft series of STL files, a kit that turns your Airsoft Action Army AAP-01 into a paintball style speedsoft blaster!

The Creator FS-22 6mm is a fully editable 3D printed airsoft kit that allows you allows you to mount the High Pressure Air System (HPA) on the bottom of the Action Army AAP-01 grip frame, for a real paintball look and feel, with the regulator on the front grip for ideal snap shooting ergonomics. It also features a fore grip that emulates a pump paintball marker handle, as well as a fore grip option that is more traditional and does not mount an HPA regulator.

The Creator FS-22 6mm Airsoft toy, built off of an Action Army AAP01. One of the many possible configurations.
The Creator AAP01 short barrel loudner hunter colors
The Creator Kit with short barrel loudner and front hand grip.

We are releasing the Creator FS-22 6mm Airsoft STL files one piece at a time, alongside our TAC-01 3D Printer. This is the second file we are releasing: the Barrel Strengthening Insert.

The barrel strengthening insert inserts into the stock plastic AAP-01 outer barrel, and covers the inner barrel. The insert improves the strength and integrity of the gun, and provides metal threads for mounting your lower rail. It is essential for carrying weight like our HPA regulator mount system or foregrip on that lower rail, and reduces any need to upgrade to metal uppers. If your outer barrel has any windows or holes in it, it also offers a nice perk of color. It is currently untested with any other setups other than the FS-22 Creator. We think it will be very popular with all builds.

The only other solution for improving the strength of your AAP-01 upper is to replace it with metal. This is expensive and heavy. The barrel insert is a cheaper and more accessible solution. It may even be compatible with other uppers and outer barrels but it is untested with those. Let us know if you try it!

3D printing your own parts is cost effective, allows for unique colors, and maintains a light weight for high paced action. Count the grams to shave the ounces. If you don’t have the means to 3D print your own parts, we offer them for sale at HG3D.ORG.

Get the Files!

Download the AAP-01 Barrel Insert STL Files at Printables, or find the editable files on Tinkercad.



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Buy The AAP-01 Barrel Insert at HG3D.ORG

Keep reading for information, parts, and materials to make the designs.
M3 hex nuts for use with the barrel inserts, though we suggest getting them in the full screw kit listed below.
Affiliate link we earn from qualifying purchases.
We use the m3 hex nuts included with these screw kits. We also use this M3 Screw Kit with our TAC-01 3D printers.
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We include screws from these kits for finding the perfect length when mounting the rails under the barrel to the barrel insert. We use these screws in several locations and lengths for the AAP-01 FS-22 The Creator kit.
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If you want even more integrity in screwing into your outer plastic barrel, we drilled out our barrel holes and then used a soldering iron to install these threaded heat set inserts. We make heavy use of these on our TAC-01 3D printer and installed them wherever we could on the AAP-01.
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This upgrade print is recommended for PETG, ASA, ABS, PolyCarbonate, and Reinforced Nylons. Thicknesses are all for PETG minimums. It is untested in PLA+. This should work with nearly any petg or whatever filament you have handy. We use whatever we found cheap, is a real neat special color, won on printables, or opt for specialty filaments like those from Polymaker. Polymaker offers a lot of options that are a balance of affordable with high quality, with a range of Poly Carbonate blends and a very affordable Nylon 6 with Glass Fibers (PA6GF). We are creating our own in house line for the AAP-01 known as The Destroyer. The Destroyer specifically features PA6GF and PA12CF from Polymaker! Along with several other select materials.
One of our preferred materials, Polymakers PA6GF, combines durability, stiffness, and cost effectiveness. It’s still expensive but cheap for reinforced nylons. Warning, it is hard to print.
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Paramount 3D is one of our favorite brands that we feature at our print farm and has a nice selection of tactical colors for PETG, ASA, and ABS. Use coupon code HG3D and save 10%!
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The Action Army AAP-01 is a revolutionary piece of airsoft kit and everyone should have one. Especially paintballers looking to try airsoft. Full auto/semi auto select, 350 fps or higher, HPA ready with minimal modifications, all for under $100, this airsoft toy gun is changing the game. The blowback and mechanical full auto is dang fun to shoot, especially compared to all those repetitive and boring space guns out there. The paintball equivalent would be the autococker, opposed to the HPA’d m4s comparable to spaces guns.
The Action Army AAP-01. Make sure you buy from a US distributor to get the free rail kit. (Warning: Amazon may not be the cheapest place to purchase an AAP-01)
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We found the grip on the on the AAP-01 was a little course and awkward, but this Hogue grip sleeve made it feel amazing. Highly recommend.
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