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TAC-01 Control Box: Board Mount for Ender 3 and Voxelab Aquila 3D Printers

A lot of research and testing went into finding the linked items displayed in this article. They are meant to be used as a guide. We suggest shopping around and see if you can find something cheaper/better of the same specifications. If you find something better please let us know in the comment section!

Wire management for 3D printers is an art form. There aren’t a lot of options out there for mounting your control box externally on your Ender 3 or Voxelab Aquila 3D printers. Even less options if you want to integrate a Raspberry Pi board.

We at HomeGrown 3D created what we believe is the best option to mount your board and help manage your wires: The TAC-01 Control Box. This is our latest and free STL file for HomeGrown3D’s printer build The Angry Chicken-01 (TAC-01). We also made the control box file available for editing at Tinkercad.

The full size box for a Raspberry Pi with Voxelab Aquila board mounts, pictured with heatset threaded brass inserts.
The half size box with Ender 3 board mount configuration, heat set inserts, ferrules, and a BTT SKR Mini E3 v2 board installed! Also silicone wiring which we will feature in another article.

Compatible with the Voxelab Aquila, Ender 3 boards – Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender3v2, BTT SKR Mini E3, and more – the externally mounted TAC-01 Control Box allows you to access the board from the top without moving your printer.

This board mount works great for enclosure setups, minimizes interference from the heated bed and power supply, has options for mounting a Raspberry Pi computer for Klipper or Octoprint, and maximizes fan cooling for the board stepper drivers and the R Pi. It is also easy to edit to your preference and even create your own version for other printers!

The downside to an externally mounted board is that it takes up a bit more space, and although there’s always the option of placing this control box board under the print bed, we prefer the external set up, as it’s ideal for our wire management system (which we’ll cover in a separate article).
Our preferred ferrule crimping tool. Cutting off, stripping, and replacing the tinned ends on your power supply and hotend wires with ferrules is highly recommended for fire safety reasons. Clip the tips of the crimps off as well to make sure they fit flush in the connectors and nothing is exposed. Make sure you get a crimping tool that gives square crimps.
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We use this 1/2 inch split loom for our wire management system. We prefer a sturdy split loom and zip ties to cable chains.
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The Control Box has been tested in ASA and Polylite Polycarbonate(PC). It was designed for ABS, and ASA, and Polylite PC. PETG, Polycarbonate, nylons, and other specialty materials should also be suitable, and perhaps even PLA or PLA+. We offer them printed in Polymakers Polylite Polycarbonate from our print farm.
This is Polymakers Polylite Polycarbonate (PC), our preferred material for the TAC-01 Control Box.
It is reasonably priced, and the closest you can get to printing PC on a standard hobby printer without heavy modifications. It is still not the easiest to print and we suggest doing research on its requirements before purchasing.
Also available on Amazon at
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Our goal with the TAC-01 is to share what we believe is the best cartesian 3D printer you can put together at a low price point. We hope our research and long hours of trial and error will serve as a free and community supported upgrade guide. We hope this Control Box board mounting option for Ender 3 printers will serve as a standard when searching for board mounting solutions.

Two of the Beta versions of the TAC-01.

Get the Files!

Download the Control Box STL files at Printables, or find the editable files on Tinkercad at the links below:



Buy the TAC-01 Control Box!

We now offer 3D printing services! Made to order in Polylite PC material.

Buy the TAC-01 Control Box from HG3D.ORG

Keep scrolling for hardware necessary to install the box.
M5 T-nuts for mounting the Control Box to extrusion.
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10mm M5 screws for mounting the Control Box.
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We use these brass threaded heat set inserts to mount the board to the box, along with in most of our 3d printer builds and parts.
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We use these m3 screws for mounting the board and pretty much everything else on the TAC-01 3D printer build.
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Make it a TAC-01!

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